Interior fittings

Adopting a parquet floor for its interior means ensuring a warm and inimitable atmosphere.

Because the many varieties of wood species offer a wide range of colours, both varied and contrasting, to suit all styles of decoration: modern, traditional, zen… Indeed, the parquet has evolved considerably. If in the past it could have a noble but somewhat old-fashioned image, the manufacturers have given it a wind of modernity by extending its ranges with wider blade sizes, new colours and innovative finishes. Today, it meets all types of styles from classic to contemporary.


A parquet floor for which style of decoration.

According to its nuance, the parquet flooring describes several atmospheres. With its soft, almost bleached, almost bleached colour, the ash parquet flooring is reminiscent of Scandinavian-style interiors. Dark, almost red, the wengé is the worthy representative of a Japanese and Zen decoration, just like the teak parquet flooring chosen for its brown hue. The most common oak parquet flooring creates, according to its patterns, from the most classical to the most contemporary atmospheres, anything is possible with this wood species and its multiple finishes. A very dark parquet floor will describe an atmosphere between tradition and modernity, its motifs and surrounding furniture will make the difference.

In addition to its undeniable aesthetic qualities, parquet has many other advantages. It is recognized for its insulating power and ability to clean the air of a room by balancing the humidity in the room. As for its resistance, it is indisputable and if in terms of investment the price per m2 is a little high, it is also quickly profitable because the parquet is durable over time. Think that the life span of a parquet floor is equivalent to that of a house, it is to say.


 Movable partitions:

ideal for optimize spacePartitions decoration Do not stop reinventing. Folding screens, openwork mobile partitions or diverted(hijacked) curtains, partitions Separate or bound new spaces, intimate and deco at the same time.

Decorative partitions are the ideal solution for separating two spaces in the same room. Lightweight and easy to install, they are available in different forms. Curtain, wallpaper wall or claustra, they are often modular. More or less discreet, they are openworked to let the light through or opaque to partition. In pictures, follow the guide to the most desirable decorative partitions.